Thursday, July 05, 2012

Now where did I put my......

I joined something today called - Daily Challenge. Mercury is running through my chart, so I have been looking into writing sites, because I have a strong urge to communicate and I need something to write about -  why don't I just do some cold calling? had to ask, didn't you.

Well Daily Challenge is free.  At least the site is free - the challenges, maybe not so much!  Today's challenge was to make a list of where you put things, so you can find them again.  Killjoy!!!  I thought that life was all about not finding things that you had put in a safe place. Then everybody gets to go on a kind of scavenger hunt and you end up finding tons of things that you've forgotten about - except, of course, the thing you want right then.  Such is the randomness of life.

The huge irony about this challenge is remembering where you put the LIST!!!  Well, I have been meaning to make a list of user names and passwords.  I did start out to do that a year or so ago and I remember reading then, that you should not name your file "passwords" because a hacker could easily find it.  Well, damn, do you think that I can remember what I called that file!!!

This time I created a new file. Gave it another name and I sure hope that I remember it this time.  It's a little like hiding a key outside your house so you can get in when you lose your other keys.  I also know that they sell in various catalogues fake rocks that you can put near your steps or somewhere to hide your keys in. Maybe they should just write KEYS on the rock :)

Of course, this list is on my computer, now if my computer crashes, I'm S.O.L. Perhaps I should put the file on CLOUD - more security issues.  Then, of course, people will tell you that you have to change your passwords regularly.

Here's my photo take on it all...Life is crazy - enjoy...

Have a memorable day!!


  1. You do make me laugh out loud..not an easy thing to do ...I too love to write...but hate rules even in disguise as guidelines...I like Hunter S. Thompsons idea of being part of the story you are writing....Cant wait to follow your journey...♥Debi

  2. Hmmm...a daily challenge...looking for pressure? Actually, good for you for actively seeking a way to stay true to your passions.