Monday, July 02, 2012

Life gets in the way of Photography....

So I was "Goin' Down to Jordan"... there is a song about that and I hummed it all the way.  Here is what we planned on our day trip. 1. to go Kayaking 2. to go to lunch and 3. to take pictures of the "boat" at Jordan Harbour and the waves of Lake Ontario.

This is why I never "plan" things and I am always in awe of people who is what happened.

We decided to leave at 9:00am for an 11:00 kayaking start, at a point that in driving distance would be an hour.  However we know that if you plan to go to Niagara you must always leave at least an extra hour, maybe two for traffic.  OK, we did.  But our eldest asked about 8:45, if we could drive him to work because he'd been out late at Pride festivities and since he has managed to hold down this full time job (he has disabilities), and has not asked for any "help," we said, "sure."

So we were on the QEW by 10:00 not a little after 9:00.  Traffic moved well until Hamilton, where there was a 20min slow down for narrowing lanes. Finally we got to the Kayak rental place about 11:15 - not bad - we had allowed time.  But I was hoping to get there with time to spare to go about 15 mins further along to take pictures - well maybe after.

We got our kayaks and since we had done this before, we figured that we could get to the railway trestle and back in an hour, after all the return journey was with the current.  Yes, with the current, but against the wind today. So our kayak outing was 1.5 hours rather than 1 hour and cost us an extra $20.00 and maybe my life because, the winds and the currents were so strong that I was "worried."

It was now 12:40 and we had booked lunch at a lovely winery - I highly recommend it - Angel's Gate - at 1:00pm.  It has two patios that overlook the vineyards and the lake - be sure to book ahead and ask for a patio table with the best view.  It's a little bit of Tuscany in Vineland! The only negative, for me, is that it is 20 mins closer to Toronto, so I knew that we were never going back to take a few pictures of waves and a beached boat.

Water Lilies on the river Jordan (ON)
It is hard to make time for art, life, other people and I don't even want to mention the exercise.  So I will have to wait for another time to do "the boat." The positive is - it's ear-marked as another event and that means we have places to go and people to see ... well maybe that's boats to see, rivers to cross...and miles to go before we have lunch in Eden or maybe that's Angel's Gate!!!!

Have a serendipitous day

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