Saturday, July 07, 2012

Dry Bones Cable....

Sometimes when you think about something too much, it takes on a life of its own and becomes connected to way more things than it should.  Such is the case with the knitting stitch "dry bones cable." Now I can see why it was included in the Found Poetry of Knitting Stitches, it has a very intriguing name.  The stitch itself could have a bit more to it.  Here it is from the Knittingfool site.

OK maybe it looks a little like a "Jolly Roger." This image came first to mind when I heard the name.  I thought of ghost ships and pirates - Davy Jones Locker and all!  Here is the best I could do for a pirate ship.  It's a tourist boat down at harbour front.  I was hoping to get the beached boat on the QEW for the post - but, well I posted what happened that day - and so another day - another pirate ship!! Life should be so interesting :)

Here's a close up with something that looks more like the stitch.  The resemblance is in the rigging or maybe it's the sail - I'm not sure, I was too busy admiring Johnny Depp to learn much about tall ships.

PS - gotta love that sky!!!  Makes you just want to sail away!! So here we go.....

More on Dry Bones Cable in next post.

Take a vacation today!!!

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