Sunday, July 15, 2012

A chorus at Corus...

We went down to Sugar Beach last night to check out the street piano that was there. Fortunately we were able to avoid the $10.00 parking fee because we found on street parking - almost unheard of on the waterfront.  At first my husband thought that the parking was $20.00 - but that was for the whole weekend.  I didn't realize that you could camp out a Sugar Beech :)

Corus Entertainment has a big complex right beside the beach and this piano was tucked away on one side of the building.

The piano itself, represents the Dominican Republic, another country that will be participating in the PanAm games in Toronto in 2015.  The kids were great! and they matched the piano!!

People of all ages drawn together by music.  Here's another piano, Dominica, and a future pianist.

Have an inspired day!!

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