Friday, June 15, 2012

Ladders and Lanterns

Another stitch from the Found Poetry list is "tilting ladders." However, I have seen it in other stitch dictionaries called "chinese lanterns." Here it is from the Barbara Walker site where it is called "tilting ladders."

This is a fascinating stitch and one that I have always wanted to use in something.... It is really knit straight, with no fancy acrobatics. It's the stitches themselves that actually twist the fabric from side to side. I would like to experiment with the stitch and maybe put space or another stitch in between the ladders and see what happens.  As much as I like the stitch I find it "busy"; but then here are some pictures of chinese lanterns and all the activity that goes with them - they are very busy.

We were in Kensington Market one Sunday in Winter and happened upon this outdoor shop which spilled over into the next front yard or maybe this was another shop - it was so bright and colourful for February in Toronto...

.....and it was busy - so maybe I should just leave the stitch alone and do it in an amazing colour!!!  Here is a ladder, so it's not left out. It's a fire escape in old Quebec, near an artists' community - you decide what the stitch should be called.
Have an amazing day!!!!

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