Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Bloomsday

Happy Bloomsday everyone!!!! Bloomsday is celebrated every June 16 in various parts of the world where the work of James Joyce - most specifically - Ulysses is read, acted, improvised...the list goes on. Here is a detailed explanation from Wikipedia. It is called Bloomsday after one of the main characters in the book, Leopold Bloom.  I do remember many years ago seeing Siobhan McKenna (mother of Seana) perform Molly Bloom's soliloquy - totally amazing and yes, I have seen the movie.

But now I have to add to my bucket list, the reading of the works of James Joyce and then I have to take in some of the events!!!  I think it could be a lot of fun - the events that is.

I don't have any pictures of Ireland but I have some of Gaudy's tile work from Barcelona that I think suggests the stream of consciousness style in Joyce's writing.  The first one has a shamrock motif.

and the second is in warm colours - Molly's soliloquy was "hot."

The pictures were taken in Barcelona; but since Bloomsday is celebrated in the US, Hungary, Italy and elsewhere, I thought it would be OK to add them. Now here is where I feel very "impoverished" because I haven't read Joyce.  I could have added more and maybe even related something to knitting.  Literature enriches.

Please leave any related comments.  I can live vicariously!!

Have an enriched day!

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