Sunday, June 03, 2012

Found Poetry

It's another dull day in Toronto - very cool and cloudy - and I am in a state of inertia.  With time on my hands - especially if I ignore the "to do" lists - I feel like writing; but need to come up with some ideas. I went through the days of the first week in June on Wikipedia - nothing very earth shattering, in history, there - except a reminder that June 6 commemorates D-Day.

I'm not really avoiding the 60th jubilee of the Queen - I'm a monarchist after all;  I just can't seem to get into the hype!! I did some reading in Squidoo and found out that cats have 32 muscles in each ear and that they can make 100 distinct sounds.  OK what's next.

Finally I did a Google search using two words that I can always live with - "poetry" and "knitting" and came across this blogpost -

The writer is a beginning lace knitter, as well as being a librarian and obviously a lover of "Found Poetry." In her post she just lists the names of lace stitches from two of Barbara Walker's books that sound poetic. Here is her list:

Parenthetical Rib
All Fools' Welt
Tilting Ladder
Crest of the Wave
Dry Bones Cable
Gordian Knot
Homes of Donegal
Dragon Skin
Pillar and Web
Ostrich Plumes
Flying Buttress
Inverted Gull
Crazy Maypole
The Cloisters
Candle of Glory
Telescope Lattice
Wings of the Swan
Odin's Eagles
Syncopated Brioche

Funny how in all the years that I have been using Barbara Walker (20) and all the years that I taught poetry (15), I never really connected the two.  Now I have designed lace scarves and shawls based on poems - but never thought in terms of the names of lace stitches as being particularly poetic - my loss.

I think that I have to go back and re-read those stitch dictionaries with different eyes.

Also in my random searches yesterday and today. I came across a writer who creates poems about the pictures she has maybe I can use this list as my next photo scavenger hunt - I guess I'll have to go to Donegal for "Homes of Donegal" or find a street in TO named Donegal and take some pictures.

Gosh, I just wasted two days looking for another way to waste some time. Lets just call it therapy and move on.

How's this for The Cloisters?

No poetry - but maybe a lace scarf.

Have a productive day!!!

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  1. You've given me some food for thought!
    Enjoy the gray body seems to allow itself time to sleep and be slothlike on these days.