Saturday, June 09, 2012

Candle of Glory II

I realize that I have given this lovely stitch, Candle of Glory, short shrift so to speak. I also wanted to mention that it would look lovely in Prayer Shawls, not only as a beautiful stitch, but also as a reminder of vigil lights - and prayer candles.  Here is another candle.

The picture was actually taken as part of a photo challenge, but it reminds me of all the stories of guiding lights, Florence Nightingale's lamp, for example or the light that is left on for someone returning home - sometimes for years.

The stitch could also resemble the Olympic Torch, as it is passed many times from hand to hand on its journey. Its promise is hope and glory - the eternal flame - as long as the candle burns there is still a chance.

Have an Olympic day!

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