Friday, May 18, 2012

Steel Wool...?

I was walking along Mt. Pleasant on my way to get a coffee at my local Second Cup, when I couldn't help seeing these charming - not too sure what to call them but maybe they are lawn ornaments.  Anyway the Wild Bird Seed Store - that may not sell bird seed anymore or maybe not seed for wild bird's anyway :) - still does sell an eclectic mix of home decor items which includes some very unusual lawn ornaments.
Here is a family of sheep in what may be reclaimed or re-purposed metal.  I loved them.  They reminded me of a dentist I went to several times for a root canal or two.  I am always amazed at the number of dentists that not only talk to you; but also expect a two-way conversation. Anyway, I was a new patient so he politely asked me what I did.  I was trying to explain that I distributed yarn etc. to knitting stores. I did have several pounds of steel clamped to my jaw at the time and I guess that all he heard was "knitting" - I'm amazed that he even heard that.  Anyway, with out missing a beat he said, "If I give you some steel wool, will you knit me a car." Of course, I nearly asphyxiated trying to laugh (and not choke) with all those appliances in my mouth.

So the sheep above may be a source of steel wool :) or , if not that, at least a source of humour and I have to say it again "charm". They have lovely faces.

Have a charmed day!!

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