Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Pansy Scheme...?

I am in another photo scavenger hunt - always a diversion. My second photo in the hunt is for the heading "Face." I was out for an early morning walk and came across these adorable "faces."
Pansy "Faces"
They reminded me of a knitting designer whose work I absolutely LOVE - Susan Duckworth.

I tried to find contact information for Susan; but couldn't, so I am posting this picture of her Pansy sweater without permission; but maybe this will sell a book or two for her or encourage her to start publishing again.

I have the book "Susan Duckworth's Knitting", which I bought ages ago. It was published in 1988.  I never tried knitting her pansy sweater or her other florals, though I did try to crop out part of a graph and add it to a mitten - sadly I gave up!!  And I am the one who wants intarsia to make a come back?

I am working on a series of "things" in fingering weight yarn and I am tempted to do an adult sweater or two as well.  I know that the patterns will never "sell" because of the finess of the yarn - that's fine - ness not finesse, though they may be related here.

I remember when I bought the book and a few others at the time. I was home with children and justified the expense as small compared to the expense of therapy!  I also remember my jaw dropping at the thought of knitting a sweater in anything finer than DK weight yarn.  I actually varied a Sasha Kagan sweater for my husband from fingering to DK - 2.5 repeats of the pattern rather than 3 - but no one noticed.

Now, perhaps to "face" a challenge that I waived (or failed) 20 or more years ago. Hmmmmm - Maybe...

Have a picture perfect day!!!

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  1. Hi there! I have been looking for a pattern from this book, but can't find the book anywhere in my country. Do you still have it?