Sunday, May 13, 2012


Another heading in the photo scavenger hunt is "grain." I had actually seen these figures last year and I remember taking a picture of one of them, then.  Well, here were three in a grouping, today!!

The carvings suggest, I think anyway, that the figures were actually in the wood all the time and the artist through his/her talents released them.  It's a little like the Druids believing that wood is sacred and houses the spirits of the gods. 

I think that this happens a lot with yarn, as well. I have often heard knitters say, "What can I make with this skein or that hank." They squeeze and fondle the yarn hoping to release its muse or the Dryad that was spun into it.

Perhaps this was the process Ashley Knowlton used when she designed Butterfly Forest - yarn and forest meeting in the creative process!!

Here is another favourite piece of wood that I pass on one of my ravine walks. I like to think that this could be the stump that Alice peered into when she was chasing the white rabbit.  Wood is enchanted and yarn is enchanting - we just have to release their magic.

Have an inspired day!!

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