Thursday, May 31, 2012

Charlevoix, a little bit of heaven that can be found.....

.......along the North coast of the St Lawrence River just a little East of Quebec city.  We were coming back from Halifax after my daughter's graduation from Dalhousie when we decided to stay in Riviere du Loup. This is where the ferry leaves to cross the St. Lawrence into the Charlevoix region of Quebec. Charlevoix is an area that is written up on "The 1001 Places To Go Before You Die." Revered for the quality of its light, it is home to a large artistic community. I think it must also be a mecca for photographers. Here is a picture I took from across the river.

I have decided that I have to go back and spend some time there. Who could not be inspired by the light, the community of artists and some very special vibes that could only be called "heavenly."

More when I get back tomorrow.

Have an awesome day.

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