Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Can't wait until I'm 104 years old!!!

OK this week I am feeling sorry for myself, because...
1. Routine Dr's appt on Monday. I do hate the poking and prodding; but she had a student in and so everything was done twice......I reminded myself that this is in the interest of science and medicine :)
2.  Washing machine has broken for the 3rd time in as many weeks.  My husband is a saint.  He has just taken two loads to the laundromat
3. I am frantic because we are having guests for dinner on Saturday.  They are lovely people but their house is always pristine.  I now have to take Friday off work to start cleaning the what work am I taking off from..or is this even a sentence.
4. My sister who rarely visits, will be in town with her granddaughter and great grandson - that side of the family started early.  My youngest was still in high school last year.  DO NOT DO THE MATH!!! So now we are having guests for lunch and dinner.
5. I just cancelled my order with a new supplier - major incompatibility.  People do set out to make your life miserable...and then they expect you to pay them!!!
6. Coming off the "high" of a great show (the DKC Frolic) has it's "yang"'s now back to the usual - same again, same again.

Now just as I was getting used to wallowing in self pity.....someone posted to my Facebook Wall about this 104 year-old-woman who was upset because some newby 101-year-old woman had broken her Guiness Book of Records, as the oldest female hang glider and so didn't she just have to jump off a 2,000ft cliff (with apparatus) to set a new record....and I have the gall to complain.

OK, so what do I do now......Would you accept the first photo in my May photo scavenger hunt? It's for the heading "Simplicity"  and it's a picture of puddles in the rain.  It will also be part of the slide show for my series of scarves on the seasons.  It is actually the border of 'Rain" scarf.

Time to pack up my troubles in my old "knit" bag and prepare for my free fall hang glide in roughly 40 or more years time.... I can hardly wait  :)

Have a superlative day!!!

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