Monday, April 16, 2012

A Swaddling of lace...

...or a swathing of lace. I had packed a number of scarves in a carryall in preparation for picture taking.  My daughter said that she would be my model, so I wasted no time!  This window of  a good mood can close quickly.  Anyway, the carryall lay on the floor...waiting. At one point I took a look at it and somehow wanted to dive in or wrap myself in all this finery.  Even in a pedestrian black canvas bag, the lace looked rich and elegant, another world, an escape from this one...a little like, through the looking glass, or the door at the back of the cupboard that opens to a Narnia.  If I put on some lace...a lot of lace...will I be transported?

Here are the scarves.  They are actually most of my winter lace knitting, which was interspersed by the knitting for a new pattern line in fingering yarn that has nothing to do with lace - more on that later. Here they are one by one.

This is Copper Beech, a design based on the bark of the Copper Beech tree.  My daughter is having a word with a copper beech, as we speak :) or write or read....

The second is Sycamore Scarf, from the bark of the Sycamore tree - a gorgeous marbled coat.

Last of the "Bark Scarves" is Birch Scarf.  I was fascinated with the V shapes of the branches in the clump birches.  The fringe and the picot edge is a nod to the "paper" that peels off the bark of the birch tree.

Next is Blossom.  This will be a free pattern of the Queen Anne's Lace Knitting website.  It is a sample knit in Rayanna, our 100% rayon yarn - very "swishy."

Finally Snowy Evening Scarf.  This was part of the KAL and I have finally got a decent picture to add to the pattern.  Of course winter is over - I said that in a whisper because as all Canadians know, if you say it too loudly, it snows!!

Wear lace and forget about this world!!!

Have a coddled day!!

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