Sunday, April 22, 2012


The Serviceberry is in bloom, more specifically, the Downy Serviceberry is in bloom.  I love the name Serviceberry. It is a tree or sometimes a shrub that is native to southern Ontario and parts east and south - probably Carolinian rather than Boreal forest areas, which stretch east to the maritimes and south to the Atlantic states.

Serviceberries attract birds.  They are hardy and virtually disease free, which means we don't have to spray them.  We water them only in extreme drought conditions, but other than that they are performers.  They have beautiful lacey blossoms in Spring, provide shade through the summer and colour in the Fall.  Their fruit is small sweet and spicey.  This fruit not only attracts birds, but it can also be used by us as a condiment - what's not to love?

I am not sure why it was named Serviceberry. It also goes by a few other names like Shadbush or Wild Plum; but Serviceberry is the one that means the most to me.  Those who plant this tree are good stewards of the earth.  They plant a native variety that positively impacts on the local environment.

Earth day is upon us.  We need to be reminded from time to time, that we are not the Lords of the earth, we are her handmaidens and as payment for our accomodations here, we tend her gardens, or husband her livestock, or preserve her forests, clean her waters, purify her air, brighten her skies and generally consider ourselves as "in service," for the greater good......

Not a lot about knitting - but as I have said before - They also serve who only sit and knit!!

Have a berry nice day!!

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