Thursday, April 05, 2012

Random..... Oh random....

I am on a roll....a random roll..... It's Spring and it's baseball season and..and... it's anything else that can be plucked out of the air and assigned a meaning.

1. As I write, I am listening to the Blue Jays opener and we are now in the 16th inning and right now the Jays are ahead and we have our fingers crossed.  I write about this because baseball makes a religion of randomness.  It keeps detailed statistics about things like - how many times a pitcher's hat falls off during an inning...during a game...etc.  We are now into a new statistic - the longest opening game in history - 16 innings and counting....

2. My son was looking for a measuring tape tonight.  One of the soft dressmakers's measuring tapes. Now you would think that in a home where needlework of any kind is a scared art, that there would be a measuring tape.  Well, I somehow could not randomly pull a soft measuring tape out of my elbow no matter how hard I tried :)

However, my husband, who usually can't find his glasses, though they may be perched on the end of his nose said, " go into my car and somewhere between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat you will find and IKEA tape measure.  OK hands up - anyone who randomly keeps IKEA measuring tapes in the front seat of their car.  This is a home where random rules.

I am sure that there are a few more - "go-figures" today - but I probably thought that they were just "normal" read random so they blended into the day and have been lost.

I'll try to keep better stats.  BTW  The Jays won - how random is that?  !!!

Have a winning day!!!!

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