Monday, April 09, 2012

Lace in Nature...

We took a few days off from work over Easter and went for walks.  On Saturday we went to the Botanical gardens in Hamilton. A.K.A. The Royal Botanical Gardens.  The Cherry was in full bloom.  Here she is in all her majesty - no pun intended.

I was also out collecting pictures for a new series of scarves based on the seasons.  I have already started "Rain," which I may call showers in a double pattern named "Showers and Flowers" for the season Spring, of course.

Here is the flower picture that will be the bases of the "Flowers" scarf.  It's Scilla, which was awesome this year! Carpets of flowers, too beautiful to walk on. Think of lying on them; dreaming, going back to an earlier time, an eternal Spring!

Finally some sky pictures to add to my Queen of the Sky scarf. Her picture needs to be re-taken and I also need to post the inspiration for the scarf.  Here it is - streaming clouds in the sky - Lace in nature.

Hope you had a good Easter.  We are having ours today, because my daughter comes back from Dalhousie in a few hours and she actually thought that Easter was on a Monday - well, we call it Easter Monday and Thanksgiving is on a Monday.  Nevermind that my son, when he was younger, called Good Friday - "Lucky Friday."  The religion of Agnostics needs a little adjusting, I think.

Have a Spring day!

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