Monday, March 12, 2012


So it's Monday morning and I am totally disoriented.  The clocks moved forward an hour sometime during the wee hours of Sunday morning and I slept in an hour both Sunday and Monday.  Help....

I managed to turn the clock on the stove forward; but we are still waiting for the other time pieces in the house to be moved forward by the electronic robots that control our lives - thank god for an old stove!!

I had to Google "exact time EDT."  OK I complain about electronic robots; but I'm sorry, I couldn't live without Google.  It's my spell checker, thesaurus, encyclopedia, time piece and first go-to for anything except a hug and I bet, if I keyed in "need a hug."  I would get one or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

Well, I just did and got a comedy site.  But I'm serious. I even found an "I don't need a hug" site. Incidentally everyone of those sites has some form of advertising on it so I guess that most are just in it for the money!

Alas, maybe it's time to count one's blessings and stop moaning!!!
1. I remembered to make a sandwich for lunch, thereby saving, $5.00 or more.
2. I corrected several mistakes in my knitting project this morning - a good sign.
3. We had guests for dinner on Saturday so the house is reasonably clean.
4. It was warm - really sort of "promise of summer" warm on Sunday, so I got a head start cleaning the garden.
5. Because we had company coming, I went out and bought a cast iron 5 qt. cooking pot for a great price. OK it wasn't the Creuset brand at $350.00 nor was it a knock off brand from a kitchen store at $88.00. It was Cuisinart at $58.00 and I was thrilled!! I also bought a salad bowl for $15.00 that is big enough to hold salad for the entire Russian army - even though I wasn't planning on having them for dinner - just yet!
6. A store called today to say that she had sold 2 of my lace scarf kits in 2 hours. Not bad for a Monday morning.
7. My horoscope wasn't a total disaster today - just a little amorphic.
8. It's now 11:55. Time to walk to the Second Cup for a coffee and I'll be over the hump!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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