Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jingle Bells?

I finally found very tiny jingle bells to finish Snowy Evening Scarf.  The only problem is there is no "jingle" in them.  Someone has made a jingle bell without the little ball that makes all the sound - read fun or magic!! This is akin to pianos without keys or violins without strings.

OK the bell parts are interesting and the new ones are bright and shiny; but we need the sound too!! Actually I tried to remedy the situation by getting out the heavy artillery - pliers and tweezers.  I pried open the bells and dropped a tiny metal bead into each one.  It's sort of OK.  You really have to shake them to get any sort of sound.  Any ideas?

This actually reminded me of the children's story Polar Express.  It is the story of a young boy who rides a fictional train to the North pole to see if Santa really exists.  I haven't read the story; someone just related it to me.  The story ends with a tiny silver bell and those who can hear the sound of the bell know that magic, like Santa, exists in this world!!

Well I believe in magic and I believe that someday I'll find a small jingle bell that actually rings!!  Pictures are of Snowy Evening Scarf.

I added the bells with a dental floss threader and video taped it.  I'll post when edited

P.S. The woman who told me the story of Polar Express was a working mom with one child.  Her husband was the stay at home parent looking after the child during the day. This father had decided that he wasn't going to raise his son on lies, so for them there was no Santa Claus, or tooth fairies, or all the other make-believe creatures in the world. I think that reality is a tough pill to take without a little sugar, pixie dust or  sprinkling of snow....jingle bells...jingle bells....

Have a magical day!!!

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