Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"I Did It..."

I randomly ran across this bumper sticker to-day.  It was displayed (proudly) on a small "smart car" parked near my work.  I am still not sure whether it was actually a positive comment on the owner's life style or a wry joke on the demands of modern (read Nike) life style.  Anyway I took it as a sign.  I take a lot of things as "signs."  When the coffee house runs out of 2% milk, I take it as a sign to add cream - Oh yes, I could probably add skim - but that wouldn't necessarily be a positive sign, would it?

Anyway, another challenge in my blogging group is "random" -  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!!....look for random signs maybe?????  Well I can do...random..... just watch me!!

Sooooo here is a  list of the random things that I have managed to do in the days since my last post......this is not to be confused with the musical "last post."  I am still here - however randomly connected that may be!!!

1. I just ordered 500lbs of yarn today.   How random is that? Given that it was a yarn that I had had doubts about; but it has proven to be a "winner."  I never thought that I would be able to duplicate the original 250lbs that I took from a liquidator.  Well a few strategically placed phone calls and voila I have more yarn. Maybe not so random..we'll see.

2. The washing machine broke - again - today.  Last week we spent $400.00 to have the transmission fixed - on a washing machine - a car yes - but where were my clothes going anyway that they needed to change gears - OK "gear" I get; it needs a transmission :) This is random.

3. A dog ran into my yard today.  We have three cats and an unfenced yard because dogs are on leashes and cats rule!!!  Well the dog was a neighbour's Samoyed - lovely dog and I was able to coerce my 19 year-old into catching the dog and returning it to the neighbour.  Well, this family is in film - how random is that? and offered my son a job - not sure whether it will be in film or in dog walking - either way it may mean remuneration. - The rule here is to watch out for randomly lost dogs - their owners may have connections!!!

4. I made a lentil salad tonight - this is really random.  So sometimes random can be good for you!!

5. The weather has decided to randomly pick a number betweeen OºC and 25ºC and vacillate between them. It's a lottery.  I hope I win on the weekend!!!

Please post all your encounters of a "random kind,"  as proof that the world is really in a state of complete chaos and anything that resembles logic is just a magician's trick to make us believe that there is form and order in our lives, when it is all really sleight of hand and happenstance!!!

Have a randomly wonderful day!!!

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