Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Haunted Hunter

Orion is in the South sky.  I almost forgot to look for him in this incredibly mild weather.  Orion in the South sky is a sign of Spring. In March when the evenings are usually below 0ºC, I would always look for this amazing constellation to remind me that the weather will be getting better soon.

Well it was 20ºC when we went for a walk tonight and I didn't have to look for signs of Spring,  -  we had Summer!!!!

There were also two very bright "lights" in the sky that I was curious about - (about which I was curious). I went to my trusty google.  It took about a minute to look up "Stars in the sky over Toronto." I not only got some text information, I was treated to 2 videos from"The Sky Guy" who told me that Jupiter now is the closest to Earth than it's ever been and that Venus is the other bright light in the sky.

This is indeed the Age of Aquarius. A time when we can transmit information at the speed of light. The only "thing" holding us "back" is the speed at which we can type and the time it takes to think of the words to type!!

So why the haunted hunter?  Orion is the "hunter" from the Greek myth Artemis and Orion.  He was killed accidently by Artemis the moon goddess who was tricked by her brother Apollo into believing that Orion was really just a bird in the distance. Apollo said that she probably couldn't hit the bird with her bow and arrow.

Being vain, Artemis (Diana) leapt to the challenge and slew(unwittingly) her lover.  It's a sad story that has been told in many forms and sung in many songs over the years - a haunting reminder that even the gods are vulnerable!

Greek mythology is a wonderful source of inspiration for knitting designs of all sorts!

Have a divine day!!

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