Thursday, March 01, 2012

12 things I like about.....

........knitting.  This 12 "things" challenge has spawned a lot of spin offs. So I decided I would do my own spin off - no pun intended for knitting. Twelve things I love about knitting -

1. Colour - certainly yarn colours create a lot of excitement and colours of yarn combined in patterns such as Fair Isle are even more exciting.

2 Texture - there is something about a cable that says, "here's a hug." Someone has to write a philosophical treatise on knitted cables - they speak volumns about the human condition.

3. Lace - it's an addiction - better than some addictions and you can't knit lace under the influence of any addition!!!

4. Fibre - there is something about wool and yes there are other fibres - but I am more interested in the coat of the soft fuzzy animal - that keeps us grounded and reminds us that we are just part of the chain - we have moved from baa to bah humbug - but we are still one of them only with debt :)

5. Consistency - knitting, for the most part is regular.  Even in its irregularity, it is made up of regular repetitive stitches.

6. Quiet - it is something that you can do at 5:00am and not wake the house - though once, maybe when I win the lottery, I will vacuum at 6:00am - just saying and it has to be a big win, so I am forgiven!!!!

7. Connectivity - I didn't study history at university; it was too real.  I preferred English and it's inferred reality.  Melissa Leapman just posted on Facebook a quote form John Milton's Paradise Lost and I responded with "they also serve who only stand and wait" - read they also serve who only sit and knit.
It's this connection to history and literature that I love.

I can actually be knitting the sock that the character was knitting in "To The Lighthouse." Virginnia Wolf must have knit or she would not have been able to create the stream of consciousness of the knitter - something like...I wonder if the sock will fit...have I made it long enough...wide enough.....We are all connected.

8. Beauty - the beauty of lace in a breathtaking shawl - rivals a sunset or sunrise or......

9. Camaraderie - 2,000,000 million knitters on Ravelry says it all and I love all 65 knitters who signed up for my Snowy Evening KAL.  It would have been nice if some of the 400 odd knitters who downloaded the free pattern had popped in to say  thank you - fortunately we are able to pick our friends!!  

10. Creativity - even if you don't design, when you knit patterns designed by someone else, you still bring so much of yourself to the project that you own it!!

11. Education - like it or not, if you knit, your enjoyment is enhanced by the presence of the internet and so you have had to learn "the computer" in addition to various knitting techniques. This is a dynamic activity - rocking chairs with a chassis.

12. Personal Satisfaction - even if my daughter never wears the sweater I knit for her - I really enjoyed knitting it!!

Pls add to my list

Have an amazing day.     

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