Saturday, February 11, 2012

A winter's walk....

It snowed last of those deep white snows that makes everything look like a fairyland, especially when the sun shines and it shone today!!!

We went for a walk just to be out in this wonderful landscape.  Well, we weren't the only ones.  Along the way, we passed some professional photographers. With cameras the size of Bazookas, lawn chairs and plastic tubs full of bird seeds, they were a winter safari.  Now I know how we get those gorgeous bird pictures on calenders.

I didn't actually see them taking pictures, but we came across scatterings of bird seed, so I presumed that the photographers sprinkled bird seed around, sat very still in their lawn chairs and waited for the birds to arrive.  With their amazing cameras they could get some lovely close ups.  I coveted their gear; but I wouldn't want to carry it around. They had tripods too!!

Well, I am quite content with these pictures taken with my Canon Rebel.  I did, however, have to zoom in and crop out the Robin or you would never have seen him.
The west Don River through Sunnybrook Park
More of the Don in winter

Robin in Winter
It was a pretty day, but still very cold. I love days like this, although I am not a great fan of winter.  In fact, I am working on a lace scarf as part of a series of seasonal scarves and I have started with Spring - go figure.  I am doing it in Lime green - will try to post some pictures soon.  Only four weeks until we turn the clocks!!

Have a timeless day!!

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