Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Attack of the Killer Blueberry.....

To-day is both Thinking Day and Ash Wednesday and yesterday was Pancake Tuesday. Add in Valentines Day, Groundhog Day and Imbolc or St Bridgette's day - Feb 1 and February becomes this very busy month - not bad for 28 or 29 days.

Well, we celebrated pancake Tuesday on Monday - they tasted the same - because it was Family Day in Canada and we were able to snag the kids around noon, for a family brunch, before they headed out.

I always like to think that I have invited my grandmother to pancake "events" because our pancakes are generally blueberry and my grandmother always made blueberry pancakes especially on Pancake Tuesday.

Anyway it was a civilized gathering until I happened to cut into one very large blueberry, which took its revenge by exploding all over me, the table, the wall behind me and a Monet print mounted on said wall - those water lillies will never be the same - fermented in blueberry juice!!

Everyone thought it was hilarious - second only to the time in NY when the waitress spilled beer on my head - what it takes to get a laugh - alas!!

Anyway, I hope that your celebrations were wonderful - now back to the knitting!!

Have an eventful day!!

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