Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Finally I have launched the Aquarius shawl.  This is the second of 12 lace shawls based on the signs of the Zodiac.  Sagittarius is being test knit, as is Pisces.  But Aquarius is finally up on the Queen Anne's Lace Knitting site, Ravelry and Patternfish. Here it is:

Aquarians are the future thinkers.  They are often referred to as the electricians of the Zodiac. They live somewhere out in the future and come back every once in a while to "check in." As a result Aquarians are often given to "non-sequitors" - statements that are perfectly clear to them; but seem "out of the blue" to us because we are not "there" yet.

The presence of the Internet with its electronic implications is a very good environment for an Aquarius. We are indeed living in the Age of Aquarius.  Trying to capture this personality in lace was a challenge.  I decided to use as the main stitch a pattern that resembled a circuit board and I finished the shawl with another stitch that suggested "streams" of energy emanating out into....wherever...

Aquarians seem to be "at peace with the world." Perhaps because our world is not theirs or they have seen it all and it all does work out in the end.  They make great company.  Take time to chat to one as she/he passes through  :)

Have an ethereal day!

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