Monday, January 30, 2012

The Tree Scarf....

When is a tree a scarf?  When it is turned into one.  I was out for a walk yesterday for about 5 miles - getting ready for "The Way" - not sure it will happen; but I'm keeping the dream alive.  Anyway there were some awesome trees along the way that have to be turned into scarf designs.  Here's one.

Maybe you could work with a large central cable and twist up something with fringes and I-cord - could be interesting.  Here's another.

This one has amazing texture. Maybe some short rows and cables There are lots of possibilities here.  This is the last one.

This looks more like the end of the scarf with some dramatic decoration!!
Winter has it's positives even if you're not out skiing. I generally go for a walk with my husband on both Saturday and Sunday, if we can co-ordinate it.  He doesn't mind my picture taking as long as it's quick.  He does however, have a trick shoelace which keeps untieing.  I have been known to wait for a good photo op before reminding him that his lace is undone - the evil within!!

For want of a lace the shot was lost...maybe.

Have a wicked day   :)

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