Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A cat called Marzipan.....

Marzipan - that sweet almond paste - divides the world into two groups - those who hate it and those who love it.  I happen to LOVE it. I especially like croissants stuffed with marzipan, Christmas cake iced with it, candies filled with it and confections shaped in it......I could go on.

Well you can imagine my delight when I came across an article in the paper this morning about a man who has a cat called Marzipan.  He must be my soul mate - well maybe not, he's sad to say, a lot younger...alas!!! Anyway, this fellow is a hit on Youtube because he does voice overs of animal videos.  Millions have watched him and he has some big plans in the making. The article goes on to say that Andrew (his first name) has 3 cats, all strays, which he has found.  He actually found Marzipan after hurricane Juan hit Halifax, their home city.

Andrew supports himself with these animal videos and also raises money for the Halifax humane society.  I love stories like these.  But apparently Zack, my kitchen counter cat, is not amused.

Oh well, I still think that I will have to create a series of lace shawls and scarves on a "sweet" theme - a scarf called Chocolate or Marzipan or Turkish Delight perhaps - can't wait.

Have a delightful day

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