Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Rose by any other name......

....would still bloom in December....maybe.  These were still blooming outside the Second Cup on Mt. Pleasant today - Dec 7, 2011. I am in awe, obviously, that we still have these precious flowers when we really should be burying their shrubs under a foot or two of snow.

Maybe I should change my name to Rose. I post about them so often. Actually changing my name reminds me of a story.  Years ago I had a small flower shop in the village of Erin and I called it "Rose of Erin Flower Shop." I was still teaching at the time so my sister ran it for me.  I decided on the name for the shop because the rose is the literary symbol of Ireland and I was an English teacher in love with W.B. Yeats so why not!

Anyway as time passed I noticed that people in town who didn't really know me, often called me Rose.  Then I realized that they presumed that Rose was my name and that because I lived in Erin - "Rose of Erin" was a perfect name for the business - again so much is lost in translation.

Be very careful what you call your business.  You may have one idea and others may have another. It becomes particularly difficult when you buy a business with someone else's name on it. A friend of mine, named Louise, bought a yarn shop called Rena's Yarns.  I'm sure some people to this day still call her Rena, even though the shop closed years ago.

The funniest name that I can remember, is an Italian - Canadian plumbing business, that decided to call itself Canaroma.  This also lost a lot in translation.  Here's my other picture of a rose from the Second Cup.
Christmas Roses - almost

Have a blooming wonderful day!!!

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