Thursday, December 01, 2011

Paper teacups

I know that everyone thought that I was a little "nuts," when I started making kits for knitted teacups. No one every thought Debbie New was a little strange and she started the craze!

Well some one has created a stunning paper teacup.  I know we drink hot (and cold) beverages from paper cups; but nothing like these -

This is part of some mysterious paper sculptures that are appearing in libraries around Edinburgh. The pictures on the site are fabulous, even though the site seems to be "closed"  Here are some more.

This has to be the ultimate in tea leaf reading.

Finally gloves.  I guess you could use them to read the paper ;)

This actually reminds me of a story about Janet Morton a Toronto based knitting artist.  She was "discovered" by the Museum for Textiles knitting the headlines of the morning paper while having a hot beverage in a coffee shop. I wonder if it was tea or coffee.  Papers rarely include the really important stuff!!

Have a headliner of a day!!!

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