Friday, December 09, 2011

Let there be lights

This is what I posted for Lights in the photo challenge.  It's the cedar tree in front of our house, that we decorate every year with blue lights.  Actually, the tree is one of those "things" that just happened.  We once had a spreading cedar bush there and had to move it - taking up too much space - didn't fit in - whatever, it got moved.  Over time when I weeded, I noticed a small seedling that had leaves like the cedar tree.  I really didn't have the heart to pull it out, because it technically wasn't a weed and so it grew.  Year after year something stopped me from pulling it out.

Finally one year we said Whoa!!! what happened - this thing is huge.  We have a mutual drive - a shared driveway with neighbours - anyway several families came and went next door and no one minded this cedar tree now taking up a fair share of the driveway. Our current neighbours actually just put in a parking pad.  This tree has Karma.  It's a survivor.  I'll keep you posted.

Now, every year my husband and I string lights on the tree.  We are still married.  He always remarks to passersby, that the test of a good marriage is being able to put up holiday decorations without arguing.  Well, he doesn't have to put up the top lights.  I'm the one that climbs on the highest rung of the ladder and with the aid of a garden hoe affixes  the end of the first string of lights to the highest branch that I can reach.

Whoever said that religious persecution doesn't exist in North America, has never strung Christmas lights.

I can't think of the knitting equivalent; but I do know of someone who actually knit a string of lights.  I said that the trick was now to "turn them on." I know a lot of strange people. Enough said.

Have a de LIGHT ful day!!!

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  1. I'm a big fan of artificial trees with built-in lights.