Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I said in an earlier post that I knew some interesting people, well Mary Pat is right up there on the list of "Interesting People I Have Known."  MP is a knitter with a very eclectic sense of style. For example, I have never known her to wear a "pair" of earrings. She always wears earrings, but they never match, though they are often related to each other.  In this photo you can see that her earrings are knitted - one is a leaf and the other is a bell.

The colour of her hair changes with her outfit...or mood; however, her mood rarely changes.  She is always happy, in fact, she has been "accused" of being too happy, if there is such a thing.  MP is a people person.  She once came with me to TNNA - the industry's trade show.  I swear that she knew more people there than I did and I had been in the business, at that time for more than 10 years.

Boundless energy, generous to a fault, infectious laugh, stashaholic, prolific knitter, inventor of style - the list goes on....So if you are ever in need of an entertaining knitting teacher; be sure to keep MP in mind.  She's a treasure!!

Have a very happy day!!

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