Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Gilding the Holly

This is the time of year when we try to make everything "shine." We put frosting on ornaments and lights in trees. We put up beautiful glass decorations to enhance and reflect light.  Perhaps it's because the days are short, that we need to get as much light as we can, from wherever we can. I don't think that it was by accident - just random dates, for example, that many of our major celebrations are in winter.  We need JOY! We need MAGIC! When it's dark and cold and the going is difficult, we need a boost!!

Holly  always gives me a boost. Today the holly in the garden looked particularly festive with a little frosting of snow crystals on it.  I have written about the magical nature of Holly before.  It predates Christianity and was/is sacred to the Druids.  It houses the fairies and blesses the house.

In last year's post (linked to above) I talk about my Winter Lace scarves and how I attempted to translate several aspects of this festive season into knitted lace.  This year I am working on themes from nature as well - just not specifically related to the holidays. Here is Sycamore scarf from the bark of the Sycamore tree.

Sycamores have their own spirituality. They are mentioned very briefly in the bible; but they are mentioned extensively in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead." In this book Sycamores are portrayed as the tree of heaven and the tree of earth, possibly representations of the Egyptian goddesses Nut, Isis, and Hathor. Sycamore trees were often planted near tombs, and coffins made of its wood were said to return the dead "to the womb of the mother tree goddess."

I think in one of my other lives I must have been a Pantheist - one who believes that God is in everything - particularly natural "things."  I just find nature such a powerful force. Oh yes, and winter does make it sparkle!

Gild and enjoy!!

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