Friday, December 02, 2011


The last photo in November's photo scavenger hunt was 'food".  This is what I posted. The shape and the lovely colours of this fruit made me think of balls of yarn in a yarn shop.

It also reminded me of some jewellery that I had knit on a fruit theme. I knit these with 1.5mm needles in #5 DMC thread onto which I had threaded tiny #10 beads. I used a bit of stuffing to fill them out.

I actually had to scan in an old picture that I had taken ages ago.  I still have the jewellery, but I couldn't find anything "nice" to put them in for the picture.

Here they are.  There are red and green apples, green and yellow pears, red cherries and some red strawberries.

Have a refreshing day!!

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