Saturday, December 10, 2011

Family time

This is what I posted for "family" in the photo scavenger hunt.  They are in the little Estonian deli near where I work. We haven't had a substantial snowfall yet so no "real" snowmen. But these are pretty cute.

It always amazes me how different cultures interpret similar things. These are presumably a northern European interpretation of snowmen - tall and slender.  Quite unlike Frosty who is round and fat. The European Father Christmas is also rather tall and gaunt, unlike our Santa Claus - who was really first presented as a "jolly elf" in a Coca Cola advertisement in the 1930's.

Here are some gingerbread houses also in the deli.

This is almost a family of gingerbread houses.  I have never made a gingerbread house from scratch. I have trouble icing the gingerbread cookies that I do make a Chrismas.  Gingerbread has to be the ultimate comfort food.

I did however design and knit a gingerbread house, which I never tire of posting whenver I can :) Here it is again this year!!!

I often thought that I would like to knit a whole Dickensian village for under the tree and yes, I have to do a creche, a la Jean Greenhowe.  I  do have some knitted ornaments.  These make great gifts.  Maybe in a later post, when I open the box of ornaments, I'll take some pictures.

Have fun whatever combination your family may be and create some magic!!

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