Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yes, I can do this...:)

I am now in a scavenger hunt in my photography group.  We have a month to take 18 pictures under various headings.  This picture is for the heading "random."

OK it is not lace, or knitting and it maybe isn't even pretty; but I spent over an hour with my tripod and even spent some quality time with the 18-yr-old who felt that I was doing everything wrong anyway - well what can I say...I just started taking pictures on the manual setting of a fully automatic camera,  he's been doing it for 2 years so I guess he can roll his eyes.

Now taking pictures on "manual" with a fully automatic camera is a bit like driving a stick shift on a car.  It's about technique, control and masochism.

The equivalent in knitting would be designing your own with out any stitch guides, adjusting a doll's clothes pattern to fit an adult or maybe just total free form - cast on start knitting and hope for the best.

There are easier ways - that's why there are proper patterns, automatic cars and cameras and an orderly world with 90% of the people following all the instructions....... and then there are the mavericks that take the path less travelled.  The ones who walk or own a standard shift car, who cast on and hope for something magical to happen...and sometimes it does....and sometimes it doesn't....but it is for the most part a fun trip.

Switch off automatic pilot from time to time and challenge yourself with manual...OK you can read the manual, if you like.....I usually do that when all else fails - and yes failed I have....but I have also said... I CAN do this.

Just 17 more pictures to find....should be a fun trip.

Have a great evening


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  1. I'm the same as you, haven't mastered the manual settings either.

    Scavenger hunt sounds like fun!!