Friday, November 04, 2011

When everything old is new again.....

This picture is for the heading "old" in my photo scavenger hunt challenge.  It's my mother's doll.

My mother died dancing, celebrating my father's 90th birthday. She was wearing her sparkly dress, her silver dancing shoes and she looked like a "million bucks." After the Anniversary Waltz and a fast jive number, she was just two steps into the Tango, when she went down on the floor. She died, as she had lived - for the moment, following her heart, and dancing.

My mother didn't leave behind many tangible assets; but she did leave a legacy of beliefs - believe in yourself, believe that things will work out, believe that you will survive no matter what life throws at you. I have these beliefs and her doll, which really needs some attention.  My plan is to take her to a doll hospital and get her "fixed up."

I want her to look as elegant as these stunning beauties.

The pictures are from our collection of Jacquie Yaxley knitting patterns - now at a special price on our website -

Memories are very precious things -  they improve with age. Needlework is a way of preserving these memories and possibly part of that improvement process. I think that I will knit something beautiful for "Greta," after her transformation.

Have a great day!

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