Tuesday, November 29, 2011

That still small voice......

I was asked to write about "what is in the back of my mind "- a motherlode.  This is where I store and ferment my ideas for business, knitting and life!  At any given time there is a seed, a seedling, an adolescent plant and one that is about to bloom and produce seeds again - the eternal cycle.

The one that is about to bloom and produce seeds again is my idea to knit the signs of the Zodiac in lace.  I have knit 10 of the 12 signs.  I have written up 5.  Three of these have been test knit and one has been published - Scorpio.  Aquarius, and Sagittarius are next as soon we work out a few bugs.

The adolescent plant is the one that I am working on for lessons based on the Forest scarf series - these are a little like seedlings from the Forest scarf patterns.  I posted one yesterday based on the bark of the Sycamore tree. There will be more.

There are other seedlings, too, that have sprouted from my photography challenges.  I posted Bittersweet berries for "red".  These were berries on a diamond patterned chain link fence. I also passed a bush - probably Burning Bush with sprays of red berries.  I just need to find another shape based on the idea of red berries and I will have another unit to develop.

Finally I have the seeds of a new idea for creating lace patterns. These seeds are based on the symbolism in the ancient art of Tasseography - simply put - reading tea leaves.  I am fascinated with the inspiration that comes to us from other worlds.  Some of the doors to the other worlds are very obvious and just being there and hanging around them often conjures amazing things.

Such as going to the sacred wells in Ireland or being aware of the changing of the seasons at the solstice and equinox or special days, such as, the full moon, new moon - the cusps for the changing of the Zodiac signs.  There is a lot of creative energy in the world and tapping into it, in as many ways as you can, adds to your own store of energy.

I try to take what I can in the 'raw" from nature; but I also take energy from what other people have created.  I especially love poetry. Poems are packed with so much imagery and energy that they can be read again and again and again. I think this is what the ancients had in mind when they created the sacred texts for our various spiritual communities - they created poetry to sustain us, give us energy to create, and in the end grant us peace.

As long as I can hear that still small voice directing me to the energy hotspots, I will be tapping into that motherlode that is in the back of my mind.

Have an amazing day!!!

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