Friday, November 25, 2011


This is for the heading "Stranger" in the photo challenge.  I believe that he is a Maine Coon cat that's a little feral. There was one in the area a few years ago, who just seemed to disappear - maybe he's come back.  Anyway he was at the back door this morning so I was able to get a picture.  I had to crop the photo a lot because I had left a bright blue bucket on the deck, which was taking up over half of the picture.

My son decided to feed him as well, so we may have him here for a while.  Apparently there are signs posted in the area about a lost cat - so his mission today is to go back and take a look at the signs and see if this is the lost cat.

Anyway, it's not about knitting or business; but I am annoyed with myself for leaving the bucket on the deck because I could have gotten a better picture....hmmm it's difficult to say whether something like this could change the habits of a lifetime - now that would really be strange!!!

I'll keep you posted.  Have a great day!!

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