Thursday, November 24, 2011


Another heading in the photography scavenger hunt that I'm in is Love.  I'm getting down to the end. There were 18 headings and after Love I have just 6 more. Of course they are 6 of the harder ones, because I did the easier ones first - go figure!

This is a snowman ornament that my eldest made for me last Christmas in the style of Tim Burton. I just love gifts made by hand.  I think that there is so much love that goes into the crafting of these projects.

Knitters have known this for years. Think of the love that goes into a baby blanket knit for a new baby or the love that goes into so many winter hats, mitts and sweaters knit for children and grandchildren.  My friend Julia has knit this snowman hat for several grandchildren - who return the love by wearing the hat.

Love. Knit. and OK Eat!!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!

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