Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Karma and Eleven-ses

Elevenses is a fine British tradition - a bit like High Tea only earlier.  It's a little break in the workday about 11 o'clock, when you sit down and have a cuppa.  It may be tea or coffee or something to act as a pick-me-up.

Well, I didn't really mean this type of "elevens" when I was asking you to post occurrences of 11 in your day to day toing & froing, especially this week of 11.11.11.  Here is a picture of an 11, actually 3 elevens that happened on Sunday when I was out for a walk.

It's a bike rack and doesn't it have Friday's date written all over it!!!  I am taking this as a good sign...actually a great sign. I'm on the hunt for more.  Love to hear of yours - have a great day - straight up!!

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