Monday, November 14, 2011

If I could.....

This is in answer to a little blog challenge that Cricket Walker has posted in my Facebook blogging group.  You are to complete the statement. "If I could.....

If I could take some time off or divide myself in two and have one of me at Infiknit, I would take the other "me" on a series of walks or bikes around the world.  I have this "yen" to walk from inn to inn, though I know that it would take a good deal of organizing and I'm not sure there would be an inn right there at the end of say a few hours of walking, so maybe it's just a dream.

I'm a person, who likes to connect all the dots and so flying from one hot spot to another leaves me with all these gaps....what went on in between?

Camino de Santiago is calling as are less challenging hikes.  I'd start with the less challenging ones.  In reality, I know that if it were pouring rain, I'd say "What am I doing here?" or if I were full of aches and pains from the walking, I would question my sanity. But there is a little voice inside that keeps saying.

Do it!!  I'll keep you posted and you are welcome to complete the above statement and post it here, if you like.

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  1. I love your response to this challenge. Now I want to start a series of photo walks again...