Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cultures "happen".....

There we were having a quiet Saturday night dinner, when all of a sudden there were "fireworks" - you know the ceremonial kind.  The ones that you do on Canada day - 24th of May and July 4th.

Well, OK we knew it was Guy Fawkes - Nov 5; but did the rest of the world - sorry our street and anyone else in earshot!!!!

At first I thought, OK this is a once off thing...then there were more, and more, and more.....well by the time I   a) found my tripod, b) found my camera, c) affixed said camera to said tripod, the "said" fireworks were over.  There is something to be "said" - no pun intended about I phone cameras - they are there at the ready.

Can you imagine a classic Western movie, with gunslingers that had to set up the artillery, get into position and - ready, aim, fire, - no the west was won by an I-gun - always ready - always charged.

And I hate to admit the classic dialogue  - "you ready?" - "yeh, I'm ready. You ready?"..... I'm not sure anyone ever pulls out the gun - I slept through "High Noon" must see it again.

Well, Guy Fawkes isn't about how the west was won - but it may be about Thanksgiving.  I have written about this before- Terrorism and the British Tradition.

OK it's not about knitting - but it is about how cultures spread and why we in North America knit because we came from someplace else - that knit, or spun, or wove.

I love the fireworks for Guy Fawkes.  I would love to do it next year.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for celebration - now If I could only convince my daughter to celebrate St Catherine's Day - Nov 25 and my husband to celebrate Robbie Burns day Jan 25 and we do celebrate Dec 25.  I must see what is happening Feb 25 - this could become a tradition.

Have a happy Guy Fawkes night!!

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