Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Aspects are Good!!!!

So far the aspects are good for the week of 11.11.11.  In fact I was just out walking on a beautiful sunny Sunday when I saw...God.  Well I saw his car, at least - look I have proof!

I didn't go up and knock on the door.  I just felt that I wasn't really ready to meet him - not yet know not dressed for the occasion.  Anyway he was prbably in visiting someone who needed him more than I needed to meet him.

Funny, though, I never really thought of God as driving a car.  I guess I thought that maybe he just teleported himself places - Star Trek style. But perhaps he is really quite approachable...a little like one of us, only a whole lot better.......

Anyway, I took this as a good sign for an auspicious week - just don't let the Ford Motor Company know that God drives a Chevrolet.....this could have major sure to post your "finds" for this week and/or your 11's sightings.

Have a awesome day!!

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