Monday, November 14, 2011

The angst of November.......

This photo is for the heading "November" in the photo scavenger hunt that I am in.  There is something almost painful about November.  I see it in the trees and the sky.  The trees are spare and the sky broods. The melancholy is visceral.

How do you capture this feeling in art? Ansel Adams has done it in photography. Again, I wonder if I can do it in lace. But who would wear a grey scarf?  and when and where would you wear it?  If life is a celebration, why would you choose grey?

Yesterday, we were at the Brickworks and there were 2 wedding parties there.  In one the bridesmaids wore deep plum dresses with lime green shawls. In the second wedding party the bridesmaids wore grey. Both are interesting "takes" on the colours for November.

Somehow  we relate to this sombre mood.  Most of the great novels, plays and movies seem to be about tragedy.  I am feeling a need to re-read "Wuthering Heights."

I guess I just have to bake a chocolate cake.  Now chocolate is brown - another sombre colour - but I don't hear anyone complaining. That's it - chocolate cake with chocolate icing, decorated with "Smarties" - bring on November!!

Have a richly coloured day!!

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