Sunday, November 06, 2011


So what are you doing for Friday 11.11.11?  Right now I don't have any plans...but you know how fate has a way of creeping into your "best laid schemes" and turning them on their respective "ends."

Actually now that I think about it I was probably planning to take a little longer lunch and go out and shoot some pictures, after all it is a Friday.

Of course there is a whole cult of people making predictions about 11.11.11.  You are more than welcome to post here or on my facebook page anything unusual that happens from now until 11.11.11.  You may want to start with your original plans and then just note how they have changed....if they do change, that is.

So far the only unusual "thing" that has happened is that my hits to this blog spiked at about midnight last night.  This seems to happen when I innocently mention a weapon in my post.  Last night's post mentioned an "I-gun" - just something I made up.  Another time my readership spiked is when I mentioned a "yarn bombing."

I'll keep you posted - keep me posted too.  Some people say that they often see the number 11 appearing for no reason here or there in their daily environment.  So far my only exposure to the number 11 has been a pair of knitting needles as I knit my swatches.....hoping for some "out of this world" inspiration.

Have a great 11.6.11

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