Saturday, October 08, 2011

Who am I....

It started out as a photo challenge that has now morphed into a personality challenge.  That is to say that the various personalities in the group are not in competition with each other; but that someone has suggested that we all answer the question "who am I?"

This challenge, in a public situation, is "high threat" and yet I somehow feel compelled to contribute to a group of people, whom I have never met, but who have been so helpful in moving me forward with a personal challenge - improve my photography - which actually means - give me a reason to alleviate some of the routine in my life and/or to look at this routine in a more interesting way.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind routine.  It can be very comforting when things get chaotic; but it can also be very restrictive and mechanical - I needed a new window on my world.

The photo challenges have given me a reason to look at my world through the lens of my camera and to see the same things, differently.

That's my personal justification for refocusing; my business justification is that many people in my "camera group" are small business owners like myself. Some are technical writers and need a creative escape, others are computer programmers or run on-line businesses. This particular group is actually part of a larger on-line community of web builders, SEO specialists, social media marketers and more......there is always method in my madness.

So to answer the question - Who am I ...... I am an adventurer.  I am the person who will always take the "road less travelled." My parents sent me to a convent school. I promptly joined the group that challenged the rules and regulations of the school. I pushed the envelope - green hair on St Patrick's Day - make up in uniform - these seem like small things now in the face of sapphire blue mohawks - but to the Loretto sisters, I was not behaving.

I went to university, when all of my high school friends went to work. I opted for the non-denominational college over St. Michaels. I did go into teaching - a rather conservative occupation; but when I had earned enough money to travel, I went to England for several years and spent months, during that time, hitchhiking in Europe.

I left teaching to stay at home with my children, as we adopted them - another adventure. When they were old enough, I went back to work; first for others and then for myself.  I took my passion, knitting, and created a business around it - a huge adventure.

My father stopped work at 90 - he is now 97. I wonder if I will do the same. Even now I am planning a shift in business to more involvement with people - more presentations on the creative process, more travel, more designing, more wonderful adventures.

Thank you for reading my rambling. My business observation here would be - try something different, look at things from a different angle, with a different lens, perhaps. Explore the road less travelled - it could make a huge difference.

My youngest and my first portrait - I need to take 4 more portraits as part of this challenge - "promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep!!!"

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