Friday, October 07, 2011

So it has come to this......

Today, I asked a twenty something where to buy a CD.  Yes, you're right I got some very weird looks and the mumbled comment, "I haven't bought a CD in years."

Well, yes and this is probably why I am asking. My local HMV has closed - being replaced by an Urban Outfitter store.  I wasn't aware that there still was one HMV store downtown that still had music and movies etc. for sale.  Now this means that I have to choose from either:

1. Getting downtown, parking and/or taking public transit and walking to find the store and then hoping that they took a chance on stocking the particular CD I wanted...

2. Or going on-line and downloading the disc from Amazon.  I don't mind the downloading - but the price tag looks like it's $34.95 and that sounds a little steep for a CD.

Well, it is a new release and it is a recording of previously never published Hank Williams songs and OK Bob Dylan croaks his way through at least one song - not to mention gems from other big names.  Maybe I just have to have this CD, no matter how much it costs.  It is all about those people who have a life beyond the grave - like James Dean, al......

Funny, John Lennon hasn't really been immortalized like the few who have, unlikely though they are.  Maybe Yoko Ono has become that immortalization or prevented it?

Sorry, I'm rambling...... but then, I am reminded again that the times, they have changed, even though the artists have remained the same.

Where have all the ________ gone?  Maybe not that far - my eldest's latest project for art school was a an interpretive painting of Joan Baez - the more things change the more they remain the same.

Re-invent yourself often - just don't lose the core of what you are all about!!!!

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