Sunday, October 23, 2011

Six hours from home.......

Another mini challenge - this time it is to list one "thing or one person that has made a huge impact on your life".....

This took a lot of thought because a lot of events and a lot of people have influenced me through my life; however, one short very casual conversation which could be summed up in about six words probably carved the path that I am on right now.

I was 22 and planing to do some travelling in Europe for a while with a girlfriend.  Well, about a month before we were set to leave, my friend said that she was getting engaged and would not be travelling with me.  I was unnerved.  I didn't resent her decision - she is one of the most honest and stable people I know and she is still married to the same man, many years latter with children and grandchildren so it was the right decision for her.

Now I had to decide.  Would I go to Europe on my own or would I stay at home and maybe find another travelling companion or maybe not and maybe never realize a dream that I had been planning since high school. I was mulling over my choices, one day, in the staff room when a rather worldly wise colleague said to me - "Why don't you just go ...... after all you're only 6 hours from home."

The thought of being only 6 hours from home made the concept of taking on the "great unknown" so easy - if all else failed I could just hop on a plane home to safety.  I booked my ticket with a return flight in a year.  I just told people what I was doing and they connected me with friends and places to stay.  I ended up staying for two years.  It was just such an amazing experinece.  It taught me that I could do what I wanted to do on my own and it opened my mind to experiences that were just so mind expanding that I couldn't have imagined my life without them.

Now, for every new undertaking, I look at the down side in terms of "six hours from home."  I probably won't end up doing those very amazing things that require you to be a lot further from home; but, even small steps out of a comfortable niche can be exciting and enlightening.

I am working on slight changes in my business structure which will require a little travel - baby steps to bigger things - take a few hours off and go somewhere you haven't been - it could be amazing!!

Have an adverturous day!!!

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  1. This was great Carol. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your story.