Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sending You A Sunny Day

Hopefully the sun is shining where you are; but if it isn't here are some blue skies for you.  The sun hasn't shone here in Toronto in almost a week. I have been popping Vitamin D capsules and "thinking" happy thoughts to dispel the gloom.

Here are the pictures taken from the Staples parking lot.  It helps to look up, when heading to work.

Some said that they saw a violin in this picture - musical skies!!

Here is another one.  Maybe you can see  pictures here too.  This is the type of sky that I had hoped to have translated into lace in my stole Queen of the Sky. The picture of the shawl needs to be retaken or photoshopped over a picture of the sky, like those above - another learning curve.

I am fascinated by beautiful skies; however, in Toronto, these skies are often traversed by power lines. I did think one day, on seeing a particularly crowded grid that the power lines could be lines of the Treble Clef in music and the birds sitting on the lines could be notes.

With a little musical ingenuity one could create a "piece" based on the notes suggested by the positioning of the birds.  Do you think that this may be a message from nature to us?  There is music somewhere in the heavens waiting to be released.  It reminds me of "The Sound of Music." I can hear "Climb Every Mountain" right now in my mind.

Create make believe; unleash the power of the universe - this time with a song.

Post your YouTube links here.

Have an unbelievable day!!!


  1. It certainly has been a gloomy week in Toronto. Hate this weather, I need sunshine in my life and a little bit of The Sound of Music.
    That shawl is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Jake for posting.Hope you had a great day!