Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sacred Rides.....

I was reading today in the business section of one of our local papers about a small business that started in the 1990's, as a provider of guided "extreme biking" vacations. Things struggled along as most of these market specific companies do...or as my husband would say - went for the lifestyle - stayed for the bankruptcy, until they positioned themselves on facebook.

Well, they do, do amazing "things" - rides through mountains - Peru, Utah, Slovenia, Patagonia and other fantastic places.  OK, I am not into extreme biking, although I am always in awe of Lucy Neatby who biked the Cabot Trail - I drove it.

Anyway, this blog is not about exercise; it's about the naming of a company.  I just love their name - "Sacred Rides".  It has raised their passion - cycling to the level of the divine.

Could we apply this to knitting?  Could you call a yarn store - Sacred Skeins or Etherial Ewes?  I will stop at Holy Socks (Batman).  How do you condense a passion into a few words which impart that intense feeling to the world.

Here is their website, in case you've had a breech of sanity - Sacred Rides.

Now where are my UFO's - well they are out of this world!!!

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